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Fast, modular,
turnkey delivery.

Planning and estimating data centre capacity reliably? Basically impossible. And not necessary with CDC: Cadolto data centres are available at short notice and grow with your needs. During operation. Without disruptions. Stress-free. Simply rent what you need.

The idea sounds simple.
Cadolto Datacenter
makes the difference.

We have translated our know-how as a market leader for high-tech modular construction into an all-in-one solution for data centres. With an ideal floor plan, aesthetically attractive appearance and highest energy efficiency. Our modular data centres are planned and built in record time and grow with the needs of your business. Together with the leading manufacturers of the most advanced and efficient cooling systems, we offer the future-oriented solution for your new data centre.

Through our modular pioneering products, we have so far been able to construct 12 data centres featuring a total data centre area of 3,300 m², a total floor area of 6,400 m² and a total IT power load of 4.4 MW (Q1/2020). This makes us the market leader for data centres using modular construction.


Modular Construction
makes top performance

ultra fast

Turnkey provision
(IT-ready) within 72
hours* of ordering

*If storage and inventory items, NEW
min. delivery period 4 months.


Buildings and supply infrastructure that can be extended by adding modules while continuing operations

highly efficient

Total PUE
from 1.25 to 1.05*

*Depending on the operating parameters,
from 1.25 to 1.05.


Best practice components, independent of weather conditions, on schedule and 
cost-effective ex works 

Cadolto Datacenter offers high-end quality from the planning to the commissioning stage.  Our data centres really stand out from the crowd thanks to best-of components, fastest availability and highly efficient operation. For your IT growth without compromise.


Your Data centre as a
module or container:
We have the best solution

We want to be truthful: Do not house your digital lifelines in a standard shipping container. So far, only the delivery time spoke in favour of this idea. However, in terms of sustainability, it is definitely not wise:

 microprimeMicrospaceShipping container
Construction methodSystem containerModuleContainer
Delivery period (incl. installations)Max. 4 monthsMin. 4 months4 months
Energy efficiency1.2 PE1.2 PE> 2 PE
Rack installation depth1,2 m1,2 m1,0 m
Rack heights46 RUUp to 62 RU42-46 RU
Aisle width1.0 - 1.2 m1.0 - 1.2 m0.6 m (!)
AppearanceGood quality High quality Borderline quality
RRPFrom 100 K-EUR*From 220 K-EURFrom 100 K-EUR
Monthly rentFrom 1.5 K-EURFrom 4 K-EUR-

 * Our RRP for microprime applies to low volume orders. Price degression depends on the volume.


CDC Microprime – 

  • The most efficient product available on the market: As a company data centre or for expanding infrastructures, Internet, fibre optic cables, mobile communications, 5G, etc.
  • Tailored perfectly to your needs: Consisting of four combinable and ideally matched modules, with four to six racks, per module.
  • Best data centre components: Over 20 years of experience in the field of co-location - we only install products that have proven themselves in daily operation. For details, see the equipment list.


  • Generates an output of 8 to 45 kW per module, and can be extended during ongoing operation.
  • No investment required: With CDC CAPEX, we, not you, invest in your data centre. You rent and benefit from the high energy efficiency provided by CDC MICROPRIME from the moment of delivery.
  • Instant payback: Thanks to its high energy efficiency, CDC MICROPRIME starts paying for itself immediately.

In stock. Delivery within 72 h of ordering.
Special requests and various installations are also possible at short notice.
CDC MICROPRIME – the ideal combination of modular construction and co-location.

Cadolto Microspace -
the data centre of thr future.
To rent. To buy.

Using innovative modular construction technology, we create state-of-the-art data centres. With an enormous savings potential in terms of construction, operating costs and investment. And maximum potential to generate enthusiasm regarding the design, functionality and features.

Total PUE
well below 1.2

Aisle widths
up to 1.2 m

Rack depth
1.2 m

Clear room height
up to 3.45 m 

Buildings and
supply infrastructure
that can be extended
during ongoing operation

Floor load capacity
up to 1.5 t
per square metre

Power supply and
air conditioning
Redundancy classes
N, N+1 or 2N

Installation corresponds
to EN 50600,
TÜV certification

Rent starting at

*Valid for Cadolto Microspace 6 with
standard equipment, 60-month rental period,
without down payment, CDC standard rental contract,
one-off costs for transport and dismantling,
extra costs for crane hire, according to design

Cadolto Microspace
the immediately available
Data Centre Solution

30 – 60 kW
Rack depth ≈ 1.2 m 
Aisle width ≈ 1.2 m

Clear room height: ≈ 3.45 m

Equipment options


L ≈ 10.5 m
B ≈ 4.1 m
H ≈ 3.0 m

30 – 180 kW
Rack depth ≈ 1.2 m
Cold aisle ≈ 1.2 m
Hot aisle ≈ 1.0 m
Clear room height: ≈ 3.45 m

Equipment options


L ≈ 13.7 m
B ≈ 6.1 m
H ≈ 3.0 m

30 – 180 kW
Rack depth ≈ 1.2 m
Cold aisle ≈ 1.2 m
Hot aisle ≈ 1.0 m
Clear room height: ≈ 3.45 m

Equipment options


L ≈ 16.2 m
B ≈ 6.1 m
H ≈ 3.0 m

30 – 180 kW
Rack depth ≈ 1.2 m
Cold aisle ≈ 1.2 m
Hot aisle ≈ 1.0 m
Clear room height: ≈ 3.45 m

Equipment options


L ≈ 18.4 m
B ≈ 6.1 m
H ≈ 3.0 m

Options for your data centre
of the microspace series

Production is standardised. Individual choice of equipment.
Equip your Microspace according to your needs.

  • Indirect free adiabatic cooling
  • UPS units
  • Electric systems
  • Power rail systems
  • Ladder rack cable support systems
  • Racks with enclosure
  • Emergency power systems
  • Medium voltage/Transformers
  • Fire alarm system with multi-sensors


  • Early fire detection
  • Extinguishing systems
  • Burglar alarm system
  • Access control system
  • Video surveillance
  • Building management system
  • Walls to F90
  • External safety walls to RC4
  • Plus much more

The individual, modular
data centre.

Extensive planning, long-term construction site? Not with us. With CDC SPACE you provide your individual ideas and plans with the ideal space to grow. Advanced design meets high-tech. In record time. 


Our revolution
began here:

the world's first
modular construction data centre.

"It's sensational that just nine months after signing the contract we are able to stand here today in the completed data centre LEV1. Anyone familiar with conventionally built data centres can now learn about an all-new construction method boasting considerable advantages. And these advantages are particularly striking. The quality of workmanship is both visible and tangible. Not to mention the time it took to actually build. We're particularly delighted with the enthusiasm displayed by our customers present today. In close cooperation, we have been able to incorporate almost all of their ideas and requests despite the short planning and construction period."

Wolfgang Kaufmann, Managing Director Datacenter One GmbH, Co-Location,
at the official opening of LEV1 in April 2017

months from planning
to commissioning

unmatched economic


in energy efficiency

Project requirements:

  • Special depreciation + component leasing
  • Scalable during ongoing operation
  • Power supply 2N (optimised for partial load operation)
  • Air conditioning N+1 (optimised for partial load operation)
  • Max. PUE 1.20
  • RC4 (WK4)
  • IT protection according to BSI zone model Zone 2
  • Prerequisite for certification according to TSI 4.0 Level 3 or higher

Extract from references: Individual modular CDC (constructed in 2017, extended during ongoing operation in 2018).

Individual planning.
computing in 9 months.

Our planning specialists convert your individual requirements for your data centre into a modular work schedule. Including architecture, structural analysis, technical building equipment, HVAC, security and fire protection. And, needless to say, including all the technical equipment.

Cadolto Datacenter achieves a higher level of industrial building prefabrication than anyone else anywhere in the world. Our data centres are 90% prefabricated in our factory. Safe from the weather, subject to constant quality control, on schedule and on budget.

What can you pick, choose and use? Everything. Let your ideas break free. 


Construct your individual data centre faster

New: CDC Capex
Your data centre
to rent

We invest in your energy-efficient data centre of the future: Start today with CDC CAPEX and benefit tomorrow from all the advantages of our high-end data centres. Thanks to our rental model, you do not even have to invest, as we take care of all that for you.

For us CAPEX, for you unrivalled OPEX costs: Tell us your parameters and we will tell you how much you can save by combining our rental model and energy efficiency. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Simply rent
what you need.
At excellent

*from 1.5 TEUR/month for CDC microprime or
4 TEUR/month for Cadolto Microspace;
Cadolto Datacenter rental available on request

flexibility without
capital commitment

energy costs
with maximum
energy efficiency

If necessary
extendible during
ongoing operation

Secure. Aesthetic.
Highly efficient.
Pillars on which our customers build.

Since we all have different dreams and aspirations: We simply focus on one thing.
The individual requirements of our customers.
Take a look at our reference projects.

Indirect free adiabatic cooling from CDC

the air-con revolution
for data centre
with unrivalled low
energy consumption.

It might sound like we are repeating ourselves: But conventional construction is so yesterday.
Conventional air-conditioning systems, too.
The indirect free adiabatic cooling provided by CDC data centres is an effective solution with regard to the current debate on climate and resource-efficient data centre operation - and strikes a chord with operators due to their unrivalled low energy consumption and a PUE value that is typically below 1.05*.

Did you know that each Google user could power a 60 W light bulb for three hours through their monthly search activities alone? The energy consumption of data centres is considerable. It is time to invest in the future. With data centres designed for optimum energy efficiency, from Cadolto Datacenter GmbH.

Our data centres are supplied with indirect free adiabatic cooling or direct free cooling with supporting EC compressor cooling from market leading manufacturers. On the one hand, this means that the CO2 emissions of our data centres are significantly lower than those of our competitors and, on the other hand, it naturally also results in significantly lower operating costs.

The system uses ambient air that is passed through specially designed and patented air-to-air cross-flow heat exchangers. The air cools the rooms indirectly without actually penetrating the building. Smoke, chemical impurities, dust and aerosols remain outside – just like the heat. Our system works so effectively and efficiently that not only your controller will be pleased about the low operating costs. Resource-saving green cooling based on the principle of adiabatic evaporation also benefits the environment.

To ensure it operates smoothly and lasts for many years to come, the "green" cooling system works with all outside temperatures. A constant temperature of the incoming air guarantees a well-regulated climate in both summer and winter. Quite innovative, this data centre of the future.


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data centre?
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